It is still possible to look cute in what feels like Nairobi winter ,even if you’re bundled up from head to toe. Your summer staples will instantly become cold-weather applicable once you place them along properly.

The goal is to showcase the versatility of true closet staples & share some outfit pairings that you can (hopefully) recreate using what you already own. 

My tips on layering is to assemble various textures, weights, and colors . This gets you to think outside of your usual closet staples. Instead of falling back on just a few pieces, the end goal is to find new and creative outfits .

Below are my favorite layered outfits for the cold weather:

  • Leather jacket X hoodie 
  • Oversized sweater X sleeveless tench coat
  • Nude fedora X Gold Sweater X orange blazer
  • Maroon beret X red sweater X red and black checkered trench coat
  • Baby blue Sweater X denim jacket and blue and white checked long coat

Leather jacket X Hoodie.

This is my favorite look and It’s a perfect look for a chilly drizzling morning in Nairobi.
Also I feel so badass ??, as any woman should loll.

Oversized sweater X Sleeveless Trench cost.

Nothing says chic more than a monotone look. This is a perfect date night outfit.

Nude fedora X Gold sweater X tangerine blazer X black skirt

I feel like if this look was compared to something edible it would be a yummy pumpkin Bread.
The vibrant tangerine color oozes brunch vibes.

Maroon Beret X red turtleneck sweater X Red and black Trench coat X Black khaki.

This is another daring monotone look . Red and black is such a beautiful color combo , add pink for a touch of color.

Baby blue Sweater X Denim jacket X Blue and white checkered long coat.

Brighten your gloomy day with a touch of blue and add a pop of color . I went with the pink Tassel Earings .

I absolutely love how all these looks turned out , the pop of color definitely brightens up a gloomy day.
Let me know which look was your favorite and tag me on Instagram if you try out any the looks.