DIY SLEEVELESS T-SHIRT with shoulder pads.

If I’m being honest the shoulder pad tshirt is a style that seems so unlikely and unlikeable but also, somehow, so desirable that I keep hearing about it and seeing it on my instagram time-line.

I am all about detail and I do believe the smallest detail, for example in this case adding shoulder pads to your t-shirt, can elevate your look.

For this Diy you’ll need:

  1. A t-shirt (I do recommend you size up)
  2. A pair of sharp scissors
  3. Tape measure or ruler
  4. Pins
  5. Thread matching your t-shirt and a needle.
  6. Shoulder pads. (you can use old ones from a jacket or you can buy)

The first thing you want to do is cut off the excess sleve, this will help reduce bulk as you fold your sleeve in when putting in the shoulder pad. Measure three point five inches from the shoulder and also on the armpit.

Then pin and cut.

Then fold it to cover the raw edge and pin along in preparation for sewing. Use back stitches or running stitches.

Once neatened. Fold your shoulder pad in half and match the fold line of your shoulder pad to your shoulder line on your tshirt. This will ensure the shoulder pad is evenly distributed and one side isn’t bigger than the other. The thicker part of your shoulder pad should face away from your face.

Once inserted, fold in the now trimmed sleeve. This is what the inside should look like. I wanted a bit more padding so I folded the ends of my shoulder pad to meet at the middle.

Pin and sew on the shoulder seam. I recommend using backstiches.

Sewing on the shoulder seam Conseals your seam and it’s also easier to sew straight when you’re using hand stitches.

Repeat on the other side, and you have your sleeveless t-shirt with shoulder pads.