My Maasai Mara Luxury safari.

My Maasai mara trip was, breathtaking. I got to experience the greatest pleasure of animal-watching ;observing free-living beautiful creatures in their natural environment while at the same time enjoying quality luxurious tents. There are over forty national parks and game reserves in Kenya and I have visited a good number of them therefore take my word Maasai mara is definitely a top recommendation. For our thrilling safari adventure my girlfriends and I were staying at Emayian Luxury camp    located within the Maasai mara Game reserve, at the hills of Olalaimuteik village.


Our adventure began on a cold Friday morning. We were driving to Mara a drive that is more than six hours long. Our trip had been booked through Bonfire adventures. 
The ride to Emayian was in itself an amazing experience. The camp is located within Maasai mara reserve, we started seeing the animals roaming around as well as the local villages. The roads are good and well maintained and you can also fly to Mara through Safari link. 

Our stay at  was three days long.  We were welcomed by six gentlemen, dressed head to toe in their colorful cultural Maasai regalia, humming, chanting and singing  in their native language. The Maasai of Maasai mara are known to coexist with the  wild animals. They  sing  songs as they heard their cattle and goats in the reserve.

We were greeted and then guided to the  lounge room where we sipped on refreshing drinks while we were given a brief introduction of the hotel  amenities, and received guidance on how to plan our itinerary . My description of the lounge would be a boundless landscape with jaw dropping views of lush hills and beautiful decor with a  cocktail bar close enough. 

The camp has no pool but there is a spa and a fitted outdoor Jacuzzi outside each tent where it was really nice soak and relax after a long game drive. The tents are spacious and open, decorated with unique, elegant, modern and African details while still incorporating outdoor living . The tents have super extra-large beds, large bathrooms and  separate seating areas both inside and outside the tent.
The nights were tranquil as the tents are well spaced- we could go to bed with the cackling laughing of hyenas in the distance and the occasional roar of the King reminding all of us who heard him, we were in his territory.


1.Safari in the Maasai Mara Game reserve .

We had our delicious breakfast early and left for the wild. The dusty roads, big open spaces and places made it clear that we were the visitors . We had an Amazing Guide called Oscar who made sure we saw as many animals and birds as possible. Sadly, animals will do what they want. I had my eyes on seeing a leopard in the wild which never happened. You might drive for hours and not see anything but when you do it will definitely be worth it.

We were out most part of the day and lunch was provided by the hotel and pre-packed for each guest.

Photo diary from maasai mara.

2.Visit to the maasai village.

Although this is something we didn’t get to do because of time, I highly recommend it.

It’s a one on one interaction with community members as you learn about Maasai culture.

3.Bush dining and picnic in the wild.

Enjoy the thrilling adventure of having your breakfast in the wild with the birds singing all around and the sound of nature so clear. There is also entertainment from maasai warriors, I even joined them for a song and dance.

Breakfast in the bush.

Within the park there’s some areas dedicated to picnics. Here you can get off your car and sit down and enjoy a snack.

Picnic in the park

My, overall experience at Emayian was amazing. The intimate setting really made me and my friends feel at home. The game drives were excitingand eventful.The food always left me wanting more, and the service was top tier. I had an amazing Maasai mara experience. . We were sad to leave and say goodbye, but hopefully is not a goodbye but a see you later.